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This form is for Property Managers and Property Owners who manage multiple properties and utilize KCMO Area Rentals to post listings & would like to gain permissions for post pre-approval.
Please note that this is an attempt to make our group safer, and our admin’s lives easier, as well as yours. If you gain preapproval and then infringe upon our community guidelines, you will be taken off of the preapproval list and may be banned from the group indefinitely.

REMINDER: You may only advertise 1 property per post. You may NOT advertise your company by asking people to click a link to your website OR ask people to click a link to your website to advertise multiple properties.



1. ZERO Tolerance For Fraud & Spam
Any member found engaging in fraudulent or suspicious activities will be permanently banned from the group & reported to local police in applicable cases. We urge all members to remain vigilant and report any signs of fraud to the local authorities as well as to the group admins. Suspicious activities, such as unusual requests for upfront payments, should be reported immediately for the safety and security of all group members.

2. No Company Advertisements
All Company Advertisements Will Be Declined; repeated violations will result in a permanent ban from the group. If you joined because you’re in an industry pertinent to real estate, such as Lawn Care, Housekeeping, Power Washing, etc., you are in the wrong group. Your advertisements will be declined.

3. Posts Must Pertain To Rental Properties ONLY
This group is dedicated exclusively to connecting property owners/ property managers with potential tenants in the KCMO area. If you create a post to SELL anything (literally anything whatsoever), it better be in a different group because your listing will not see the light of day in this one.

4. Properties Must Be Located Around The Kansas City Area
This group is for rental properties around the Kansas City Area ONLY. Any posts advertising rental properties located outside of the Kansas City Area will be declined.

5. All Members Must Adhere To Fair Housing Laws
This group upholds the highest standards of fairness and equal housing opportunities. Any member of this group who violates fair housing laws will be permanently banned.

6. ONE Post Per Week Per Property


Sage Door Property Management (“SDPM”) is not responsible for losses, damages, or other liabilities, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, that may arise from the utilization or misapplication of the information provided herein. This includes, but is not limited to, financial losses, damages to property, or other adverse consequences resulting from scams, fraudulent activities, or deceptive practices. We strongly recommend conducting your own due diligence and consulting with professionals before making any financial decisions or entering into any contractual agreements. SDPM assumes no responsibility for the actions taken by any party. If you encounter or suspect fraudulent or unethical activity, you are urged to report it to legal authorities as well as to SDPM for internal evaluation. Be advised contacting SDPM does not substitute for legal action or reporting to law enforcement agencies. By joining this group and/or contacting SDPM in any way, you agree to this disclaimer and absolve SDPM of any liability or responsibility for any actions taken based on the information provided.


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