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What Others Are Saying

Renting through Sage Door has been a wonderful experience! The team has been very kind and professional. They have been consistently available for any needs their tenants have. Highly recommended!

Kami Kapler, Sage Door Tenant

They are very professional. They don’t believe in half doing something, quality is everything. If I was to rent again after this, I would try to find a property owned by them because I know things would be fixed right and in good shape before moving in.

Venetia Arnwine, Sage Door Tenant

After living in my home for over 2 decades something life changing happened; Sage Door bought my duplex. They came in and made much needed repairs that have been neglected for many years. Words cannot express my gratitude and how all they’ve done has improved my quality of life. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone I speak to. I could write a book about how wonderful Sage Door has been!

Pam Hurshman, Sage Door Tenant

Currently Available

Why Choose Us

We are a full-service Property Management company dedicated to providing unmatched customer service and communication!

We have internal processes that are efficient and effective that are beneficial for both owners and tenants! Having a personal Leasing Agent means that you never feel like a number when working with our staff.

Sage Door Standard of Living

We require all the properties we manage to have and maintain certain standards for the safety and retention of the tenants, and the integrity of the property. We want tenants to love where they live, and investors to know that their properties are being well cared for!

Little Things Matter

Maybe a screen door, an ice maker in the fridge, a tree in the backyard, a garage door code pad…

Any of our tenants can submit a wish list item in writing. Sage Door Property Management will choose 1 item from all entries to complete each quarter. The items must cost under $200 and will be paid for by us!

We Have A Door That Fits Your Future